Tracy Rittmueller

Aggravating and Alleviating Factors in Fibromyalgia

In most cases, these factors will help alleviate fibromyalgia symptoms: Restorative sleep Moderate physical activity Warm baths Warm and dry weather and the following factors will make symptoms worse: Non-restorative sleep Fatigue Overwork Physical inactivity Stress Anxiety Cold and damp Managing fibromyalgia can be exhausting, because it involves making lifestyle changes. To help you reduce exhaustion, …

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Everyday Greatness

“The great commitment is so much easier than, and can all too easily shut our hearts to, the ordinary everyday commitment.”  Dag Hammerskjöld I feel noble when I make sacrifices for something great–charities or campaigns, ministries, missions, art, a quest, a pilgrimage, a career. To make room for the everyday and ordinary, however, can feel annoying. When I’m worn …

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