Welcome. I study and write about the practice of empathy for healers, creatives, and people committed to a spiritual/ethical way of life.

As long as systemic forces continue to harm and destroy people, cultures, and nature, we will need penetrating, holistic wisdom to nurture all forms of life, everywhere. Through my writing, speaking, and collaborations in organizational development with a variety of leaders, I hope to offer practical, effective guidance for individuals and communities who wish to live in ways that foster peace.

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For healing

My free monthly newsletter, A Lyrical Life, focuses on an integrative, 4-directional (physical, psychological, social, spiritual) approach to life, with practices that foster our awareness of healing grace and develop our empathy.

For creativity

In my free ebook, Songs of Earth and Sky: a 3-day writing retreat, I share integrative practices to nurture creativity and self-compassion.

For connecting

To honor the healing power and resilience of poetry and poets, and to elevate the important work they do, I founded Lyricality. With many collaborators, I help Minnesota poets, artists, and organizations connect across diverse demographics to foster the empathy humans need to achieve equity and inclusion.