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"a desire for hope carves a path through grief in this powerful, must-read collection." --Paige Riehl, author of Suspension

"...illuminating the ferocity and complexity of the pursuit of grace and harmony." --Kris Bigalk, author of Enough

"...a shout out to the universe about persistence...love and beauty."--from the Introduction by Christine Klocek-Lim, editor Autumn Sky Poetry DAILY

"Tracy Rittmueller's lyrical poems delve to the very deepest levels of loss and grief, yet still contain glimmers of healing light and renewal." --Bill Meissner, author of five books of poetry and two novels, including Summer of Rain, Summer of Fire

"...this small, fierce, and beautiful book calls on Hesse, Rilke, and Rumi as Rittmueller grapples with what it means to live with and love someone whose mind is diminishing."                   --KateLynn Hibbard, author of Simples

"...a work that starts in the key of grief and plays...until it modulates into the sound of hope." --Dennis Vogen, author of the graphic novel series Brushfire


Book cover of Still Life, Broken and Repaired by Tracy Rittmueller shows a ocre tea cup repaired with golden mortor in which a miniature pincusion cactus is planted

The publication and promotion of Still Life, Broken and Repaired is made possible through a grant from the Central Minnesota Arts Board, thanks to funds provided by the McKnight Foundation.

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