Tracy Lee Karner

Cheap Trick to get your neck to Surrender tension

Every now and then, it’s good to think about where your head is sitting in relationship to your spine. Your brain, after all, weighs about 3 pounds and the skull adds a couple more pounds. Carry around a 5 pound sack of flour, and pretty soon you’ll want someone else to carry it for you. Since it’s not a good idea to have somebody else carry your head around, give your neck muscles a relaxation break from time to time.

First, put this thought into your mind: I’m not stretching my muscles; I’m only relaxing them. 

Next, whether you’re sitting or standing doesn’t matter. Just let your head rest in a comfortable position on your spine. Whatever position feels good, that’s the position you’re looking for.

Wag your head slightly, like a bobble-head figure running out of bobble, then let your head settle in a position that feels even better than at first.

Breathe in and out.

Tracy Lee Karner
I’m relaxing.

Now, tip your head toward one shoulder, but don’t tilt as far as you can. Don’t even go half as far as you think you could tilt. Go about one-third as far as you are able to.

Relax your shoulders and breathe in and out.

Tracy Lee Karner
I’m not stretching my muscles…

Return to center, and tip your head the other way, just a little.  Relax your shoulders and breathe in and out.

Tracy Lee Kanre

Return to center and smile.

Tracy Lee Karner
Smiling is important

Surprisingly relaxing, isn’t it? 

I don’t know the physiology or psychology behind why this works. But not knowing why it works, doesn’t stop it from working. (Hmmm, there’s something profound lurking behind that notion…)
Cheap Trick is the name of an American rock band, formed in Rockford, Illinois in 1973. Surrender is the name of one of their hit songs. So, admittedly, this blog title was a gimmick to call attention to this post, but I sincerely hope this trick helps you.