Great Burger at L'Attitude

The Rhode Island Great Burger Giveaway Winner is — Eugenia!

Great Burger at L'Attitude
L’Attitude’s great burger!

Eugenia — you have won the drawing for the Saturday Burger Special at L’Attitude in Pawtuxet Village (Cranston).
Email me your contact information, and I’ll send the gift card to you.
tracyleekarner (at) gmail (dot) com

12 thoughts on “The Rhode Island Great Burger Giveaway Winner is — Eugenia!”

    1. Yes, she is a lucky duck! 🙂 (I had forgotten one of my favorite childhood phrases, Jill. Thanks for the reminder. Lucky Duck is going to be my special word of the day–wonder how many times I can fit it into the conversation?

    1. L’Attitude is in my village, therefore I have a hard time resisting going there every Saturday. But a weekly 1/2-pound burger and fries would be too frequent an indulgence…! 🙂

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