Free Ideas–act quickly this is a limited time offer!

Joan makes sure I drink decaf, because believe me, you do NOT want to see the-girl-with-a-million-ideas on caffeine. That would be scary.
Joan makes sure I drink decaf, because believe me, you do NOT want to see the-lady-with-a-million-ideas on caffeine. That would be scary.

You need an idea and I’ve got a million of them. And I’ve also got a business plan:

  • I figure if I sell every one of my ideas for just a buck each–I can retire.

You’d pay a dollar for an idea, wouldn’t you?
So go ahead, tell me what you need an idea for.

  • For a limited time, I’ll provide you with one free idea.

See, that will get you hooked because Β ideas are like caffeine, you’ll start to need an idea every day. So you’ll be back for more ideas, and my idea-shop will be up and running.

  • Then it will be just a matter of time before I can retire with my million bucks.

Don’t you think?

28 thoughts on “Free Ideas–act quickly this is a limited time offer!”

  1. I love this idea! Who doesn’t want an idea? If I needed one, it would be an idea for what my upcoming baking project for this weekend should be. I was feeling a little uninspired earlier this week and my mind couldn’t come up with with anything exciting.

  2. I’d give you a dollar for every idea, as it seems like a steal to me! I’m still in the process of moving out of a storage unit, an ex-boyfriends house and getting settled into my new mini-manse. And while this probably won’t shock you, I have holiday tubs (like, large Tupperware bins). How can I stack/hide them in a room without making it look like a storage unit in my apartment?!

    1. 1) You could groovy-contact-paper the bins; or 2) have handy-dad build a valance on the ceiling and hang awesome sparkly-pink floor-to-ceiling fabric around them; or 3) ruthlessly give all the stored stuff that you haven’t touched in a year away. That’s three ideas. You owe me 2 bucks. πŸ˜‰ (or a tiara, a tiara will more than pay for 2 ideas)

      1. Haha! How about a tiara and a dollar?! Love the ideas! Now you have my wheels turning – except for the get rid of the stuff I haven’t touched in a year…I have to look through the Christmas sparkle before I unload everything to Goodwill!

    1. Here’s an idea to help with whittling down. Divide the “need-ideas-for” into 2 groups; the “vitally important” and the “not necessary right now.” Forget the not-necessaries and then pick any one of the vitally-importants (draw one out of a hat if you can’t decide) and let that be your first need.

    1. Aw, thanks (blush).
      You gave me an idea, Francesca. Let’s all go on a generosity campaign — if we each infect two other people with generosity, and they all infect two more people, it will be no time at all until half the population is…
      (I was going to say “like ME!” but I’ll say “generous.” and I do try to be, but don’t always succeed as well as I’d like to.)

    1. Try writing poetry. (if you’re interested, I can give you lots of tips for inspiration, and finding/forming a writing group).
      Start a new physical activity–kayaking, sailing, dancing, hiking, swimming (something you haven’t been doing. Best would be something you used to love to do when you were a kid or always wanted to do).
      And find an organization you care about (a historical society, a social agency that helps unwed mothers or feeds the hungry, a children’s museum, a special library–anything at all that interests you) and become a volunteer there. Those connections often expand your network and lead to more opportunities.

      1. These are all great ideas! Thanks so much πŸ™‚
        I like your # 1 the most as poetry is something I have discovered during my angst periods. Did you know of any online writing groups?
        I owe you $3.
        Now my idea to you is that your idea of giving people ideas is actually a good one and maybe you could take it further. Anything is possible πŸ™‚

        1. I might, actually, Elizabeth–follow up on your idea. The problem is–I have so MANY ideas, that it’s difficult for me to know which ones to actually follow up on!
          Actually, you only owe me $2–the first one was free. You can buy me a cup of coffee or tea when I get to your corner of the world (or when you get to mine). Anything is possible! πŸ™‚
          As for the online poetry group; I’ve discovered that the best groups happen by a kind of synchronicity. And as good as the experience can be, it can be THAT bad, too (with the wrong group). I can give you some ideas about how to find/start a good online group, but let’s carry that conversation on more privately. You can friend me on facebook and we can email there, or you can email me

          1. I am not a facebook fan and will certainly email you further down the track when I find some time for the poetry idea.
            I owe you that coffee, one day when our paths cross.
            Thanks again πŸ™‚

  3. You’re on a roll with a great idea, Tracy. I was going to ask for a way to reverse my mother’s dementia, but that wouldn’t be a fair question for either of us. HOWEVER, I will think of a fair question, and then I’m IN!

    1. Fair-schmair. Life obviously isn’t fair and we have to deal with the questions the unfairness raises.
      So I’ll reply to the question I’m seeing behind your question, which might go something like–how do you find a way to move forward alongside your mother when it seems likes she is traveling backward?
      And I’ll remind you of what you already know and live by, that what it feels like and what it appears to be isn’t always exactly what it actually is… and you both are, in fact, moving forward together (and you’re somehow, miraculously, managing to do it with an inspiring amount of grace). But I know, from experience, what it’s like to travel through a type of terrifying cyclone or swirling vortex that seems like it will certainly dismember and destroy all of us… and it’s so dark and confusing and without apparent direction,
      and therefore you won’t be able to envision what kind of beauty awaits you on the other side of that terror, until you arrive there.
      But I can assure you there is goodness and light, and in some unknowable way, by the power of faith, hope and love, you’ll both get there. So my idea is,
      Memorize Psalm 131, and wait (with as much patience as you can muster) for the joy and beauty to come. And meanwhile I’ll be praying for abundant peace for both of you, in the present.

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