12 thoughts on “Withdrawing from Social Media for Lent ”

  1. I read this with interest, Tracy. I haven’t observed Lent in many years. In my early years, it was all about giving something up, like chocolate or coffee. It was hard to see the value in that. Then I learned that a more fulfilling and valuable experience was to better myself in some way to serve others better, such as practicing patience. Thank you for reminding me of this practice again. It fits so well with the journey I’m currently on.

    1. I think we’re learning that the authoritarian way of formation (of teaching/mentoring/guiding us to be our best selves) just doesn’t work. Growth can’t be forced, and our development is a choice we make, and no one prescription fits everyone. I suppose it’s valuable to ask a gluttonous child to give up candy for lent, but for many children, there are better ways to learn to appreciate the opportunities for growth in the season. Lent–or any season in which we decide to grow–shouldn’t be “about” giving up personal pleasure. It’s all about love, isn’t it? About the willingness to spend less time thinking about ourselves and more time thinking about others, and to practice a virtue (patience, gentleness, listening….) until it becomes a habitual response.
      I’m interested in hearing more about the journey you’re currently on. Hopefully I’ll have time during this next season to send snail-mail. It has been a difficult winter for me. But, spring is ‘a-comin’ !
      I just had an image flash through my mind, Dorothy leaving us and hugging the Scarecrow: “I’ll miss you most of all,” she said to him before the balloon carried her off.

    1. Thank you for stopping by, Janet, and thank you for the affirmation. I’m trying to write “inspirationally,” because I think we need more “solutions” and less “complaints.” 🙂
      I look forward to connecting again in April, too.

  2. Strange and wonderful coincidence as I have begun to entertain the idea of intermittent fasting. I wish you well, Tracy, and look forward to your return. I have been really slack at commenting on lots of bloggers’ posts but I do read silently xxx

    1. Lovely to hear from you, J. We do share many strange and wonderful (and sometimes sad) coincidences, don’t we? You, my dear, get a pass on calling yourself “slack” about commenting for as long as you need it. Thank you for letting me know you read silently. I did that for a while, too, and will certainly be doing that again — commenting sometimes requires too much effort. Life has its seasons.
      I’ve been thinking about you a lot. Take care, and we’ll connect again in April. XXX

  3. May our Lord bless you, Tracy, throughout this Lenten season. Yes, sometimes we are called to give something up, and other times we may be called to make it a “time of increase, of doing more.” I recently published a post on “What to Give Up for Lent” at my blog. Would love you to check it out and offer your thoughts. God bless you! – Alvin

    1. Yes, Alvin, I did check it out and I left a few comments. I look forward to getting to know you better. It’s clear we share a number of interests and values in common, and appreciate that you reached out. I won’t be reading blogs or commenting during lent, but I’ll be back in April. May God be with you as you journey into lent and the Paschal Mystery.

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