Let us now praise non-famous men, and women!

I thought blogging was letting people eavesdrop on my life. I wasn’t interested in holding an open house at “www”–doesn’t that mean I’m inviting the whole wide world?
But now I see that blogging is one of the most profound ideas of the last century–
It’s whatever the blogger wants it to be! I’ve decided this blog is going to be a collection.
There are two kinds of collectors: those who hoard and those who make museums. (I feel clever, as if I just made that up, but I’m old enough to realize someone else probably thought of it before I did).
I’ve decided to showcase the things that inspire me. Sometimes the overwhelming hassle of having fibromyalgia tempts me to want to give up. Instead, at those time, I’ve learned I have to focus on good things:
good food (I’m married to a chef!); relaxation and strength-building exercises;  literature and language, music, art and fine crafts; nature and the outdoors, and best of all,
Inspiring people who do good things. That’s why once-a-month I’m going to showcase people who have touched my life and inspired me. I’ll be talking about
Everyday people who live their lives with uncommon grace.
Welcome to my museum.  

This is Tracy Lee Karner, daydreaming about the amazing ways blogging could facilitate the free exchange of ideas, worldwide.

By the way, the title of this post is borrowed from James Agee’s Let Us Now Praise Famous Men, a challenging book with a beautiful name.