Delicious Stories with Tracy Rittmueller on WJON with Kelly Cordes–TRY FOOD. MEET PEOPLE. TELL STORIES.

By Tracy Rittmueller | December 15, 2022

As a regular segment of “It Matters with Kelly Cordes,” Tracy Rittmueller and guests will share interesting personal stories behind the wide diversity of food, art, and cultures present in Central Minnesota. Each month a local poet, writer, or artist will bring a cultural/family heritage recipe and a story, poem, or song that complements it.

Winter Party with Paints and Poems, December 21 in St. Cloud

By Tracy Rittmueller | December 15, 2022

Tracy Rittmueller is producing a Winter Party with Paints and Poems at the St Cloud public library on December 21, 2022,

Good Coupled Books: Read How To Be by Judith Valente and Paul Quenon, OCSO with Dear Edward by Ann Napolitano for Insights into Why True Friendship Is Necessary for Living Well

By Tracy Rittmueller | April 5, 2022

This article explores the books HOW TO BE and DEAR EDWARD in light of what it means not just to survive, but truly live—with the help of kindred-spirit relationships and soul-friends.

Introducing Good Coupled Books by Tracy Rittmueller

By Tracy Rittmueller | February 17, 2022

Good coupled books is a blog series where Tracy Rittmueller pairs an imaginative work of literature with a contemporary “storied-how-to” book with a focus on creating meaning, connection, and healing.

Open to Transformation? a story, a poem, and a spiritual practice to foster change-adaptability

By Tracy Rittmueller | January 30, 2021

God grant me the serenity to accept the things I cannot change… To accept life as it is, is to accept that I am not done changing and growing. Thinking I can control life makes it hard for me to accept change. Admitting my need for change requires an inner acknowledgement that I might have been wrong–I could been kinder, more patient, more loving. And that admission is painful. I also cling to a persistent fantasy that someday soon I will reach that happily-ever-after place in my story. But, the truth is, life is no fairy tale.

multi-colored heart on round wood block

Listen with the ear of your heart to make up your mind: a Benedictine process for spiritual discernment

By Tracy Rittmueller | January 1, 2021

This article is for spiritual seekers, Benedictine Oblates, anyone seeking to nurture a sacred way of life, and people practicing a 12-step program who want to explore centuries-old wisdom to support Step 11 (about praying for the knowledge of the will of God [Higher Power] and the strength to carry it out.) In this article, principles for the practice of discernment come from the “Statement on the Rule of Discernment in the Lives of American Benedictine Women,” published by the Conference of American Benedictine Prioresses ©2001. I will unpack the following line from that document, to offer a framework in …

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Have I found something to say?

What poets, monks and nuns know about silence

By Tracy Rittmueller | November 5, 2020

Poets live with silence:  the silence before the poem;  the silence when the poem comes; the silence in between the words, as you drink the words, watch them glide through your mind, feel them slide down your throat toward your heart …. —Michael Shepherd, “Rumi’s Silence” Silence, poetry and prayer have something in common—they connect us to the mysterious aspects of living. We can’t describe or explain mysteries. We can, however, experience them. I first learned about the benefits of silence through a long association with poets. More recently after becoming a Benedictine oblate, I’ve gotten to know monks and …

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61 Free Resources to support your mindful self-compassion practice

By Tracy Rittmueller | October 26, 2020

This blog post by poet and Benedictine Oblate Tracy Rittmueller begins with a reflection on the difficulty of learning to be compassionate with ourselves, and shows where to access all the free resources you need to begin practicing mindful self compassion.

How poetic and monastic practices empower a vibrant, sacred way of life

By Tracy Rittmueller | October 26, 2020

In search of a vibrant, sacred way of life Do you want to explore the mysterious, wild regions of living a vibrant, sacred way of life? Maybe you feel called to be an artist—potter, painter, dancer, musician, poet, crafter, or doodler. Perhaps you want to associate with people who will help you grow in wisdom, because you’re seeking courage to devote yourself to the service of Love.  If the words authenticity, connection, consciousness, peace, and gratitude speak to the mystical core of silence and solitude within you, I invite you to ask, “How?” Ask not what can I do? Ask …

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8 Things poets and monastics know about the power of words

By Tracy Rittmueller | October 25, 2020

This is part 3 of the series 8 Things Poets and Monastics Can Teach Us About Happiness; with 8 Poems to Make Life More Meaningful. For part 1 of the series, go here. About words…. We think we know what words are—the spoken sounds and written letters we combine to form sentences to convey what we mean. Words carry on conversations, broadcast news, spread rumors, make promises, utter threats, express complex emotions, form ideals, formulate questions, make peace, build a better world, destroy reputations, crush hope, and declare war. Words are powerful.  Poets and monastics are word-centered people.  Poets use words …

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