Presentations and Retreats with Tracy Rittmueller

I have a limited availability for working with groups of spiritual seekers to provide an expansive and connective, whole-person experience of sacred presence through art (poetry, song, and images), story, and spiritual practices. While each person’s spiritual journey is unique, at the heart of our stories are found the common themes of love, duty or commitment, grief, silence or absence, letting go, and making peace. These themes encompass the universal human story of birth, life, death, and renewal. To come together in a place of mutual respect and shared delight offers a healing, empowering experience for all. If someone has recommended me to you, please use this form to tell me how you heard about me, and why/when/where you would like me to be with your group.

Editing and Publishing Services by Tracy Rittmueller

Wherever you find yourself on your writing journey, I work to help you successfully reach the next milestone. I can help you take your writing from idea to first draft, help you get unstuck, help you finish and polish, and/or help you professionally format your book for self-publication through Amazon or Lightning Source.

Tracy’s keen eye for the typo coupled with her pitch-perfect ear for clanking prose mean she is the top-tier editor any author should line-up to have working on a manuscript. Her strong, honest work ethic means you’ll get your manuscript back within a reasonable turn-around time, along with a carefully articulated written narrative of her reasons for recommendations and changes. Worth every cent.

–Susan Thurston,
author of Sister of Grendel
St. Paul, MN

First, I listen. I believe that every person has a unique voice, a singular gift to share with the world. While I have strong opinions about what works and doesn’t, based on decades of studious reading and diligence in learning the crafts of writing & editing, I do not impose my vision or voice on your work. Instead I gently nourish and support you. I can show you the tools writers use, sharpen your skills in putting them to work, assist you in identifying and articulating your vision, and help you find your unique ability to touch readers’ hearts. I can also pinpoint and help you fix the small problems that make your book less than it should be.

Tracy Rittmueller possesses a rare combination of laser-sharp identification of areas for improvement along with a deep listening for the underlying soul of a manuscript.  Her sincere respect for the work’s utmost potential shines through in her feedback.  Her big-picture wisdom and inherent integrity inform her insightful reviews.  She was able to efficiently recognize minor changes in arrangement that vastly improved the flow of my manuscript.  I highly recommend her editorial services.

–Micki Blenkush,
2017-2018 Loft Mentor Series in Poetry Program Fellow
St. Cloud, MN

Whether you’re at the beginning, in the middle, or near the end of your writing project, I support you with kindness and respectful truth. I enjoy facilitating your best presentation. My happiest clients share in common with me a love of life-long learning, a sensitivity to the sacred, and a commitment to beauty and delight.

Working with Tracy has been one of the highlights of my writing experience. Tracy has a way of guiding her writing students/clients through the hard work of reworking drafts with a firm but kind hand that alleviates the feeling of losing control of the work. She has coached me with guided exercises and insightful questions that have pushed me to deepen my characters by levels, all the while gently coaxing me into more truthful writing. 

Joseph E. Lillie,
Pastor, Fiction Writer
Winchendon, MA

Because all people and their needs are unique, I do not have a flat fee. After discussing your project and desires, as well as your budget, I provide a proposal that works for both of us. And then we get to work. Examples of past projects’ fees:

  • $75 for an assessment/evaluation answering, “What must I do to make my book “publishable?”;
  • $200 for a review of a book-length poetry manuscript, with recommendations for changes in order of presentation to facilitate coherence and artistry;
  • $800 for developmental editing of a novel manuscript, 300 pages;
  • $1500 for a tutorial in how to move from first draft of memoir to publishable manuscript;
  • $3000 to read journal entries, interview the subject, and ghost-write in the subject’s voice an important, 100-page life story to preserve a lasting memorial for friends and relatives;
  • $4500 to copy-edit a typed manuscript, scan/digitally format 100 old photographs, and professionally format a print-on-demand file using Adobe InDesign (professional publishing software). The author’s profit on book sales recouped his investment.

Please email me and tell me your writing/publishing desires. After I hear from you, I will be in touch to discuss your project.

Tracy Lee Karner photograph
Writing is a journey. Let’s go together.