I write about wisdom for daily life and for changing times. . .

I'm a poet/writer & Oblate of Saint Benedict, associated with a monastic community of women in Minnesota, but my life is not idyllic.  I live with chronic pain, my spouse lives with dementia-related mild Neuro-Cognitive Disorder (mNCD), and my family-of-origin attachments are tangled with intergenerational trauma. Guided by perennial wisdom traditions, I share literary/spiritual stories, poems, healing practices, and prayers to invite you into the ever-expanding circle of love. I hope you will feel welcomed and validated here.


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. . . attending to important matters.

When loneliness, grief, anger, anxiety, and pain come, let me help you listen to and learn from them. To suffer is normal, but pain never the whole and not the end of our interconnected lives. Stories, poems, wisdom practices, and prayers give us hope. Get my monthly reflections, and let's read/write our way through this human adventure together.