Becoming a writer, Sherri Matthews

Becoming a Writer: Introducing Sherri Matthews

Want to know what it takes to become a writer? Ask a writer. Everything I know about writing, I learned from writers. Everything. During the next few months, I'm going to introduce you to four writers who blog about their writing life and share their journey toward becoming a writer. Today I'm introducing Sherry Mathews. Sherri has worked… Continue reading Becoming a Writer: Introducing Sherri Matthews

Years Ago

It’s October–join our pumpkin party!

Welcome!  We're glad you could make it! Perhaps the coolest thing about blogging parties is, they’re always going on whenever you have the time and inclination to attend, and no one minds–or even notices–if you show up before you brush your teeth,  with nothing but the radio on. Let me introduce you to five of… Continue reading It’s October–join our pumpkin party!