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Swimming Lake Superior by Rachael Hanel

  Always, always keep learning. Hooray for author Rachael Hanel, who learned to swim at age 35. Check out her blog post, and consider learning something new this year. My plan is to learn how to write songs with Mac's "Garage Band" program--songwriting fits in with the novel I'm writing. Music has always been part… Continue reading Swimming Lake Superior by Rachael Hanel

Tracy Lee Karner
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10 Steps to Success for Ordinary People

Don’t have a genius IQ?  Weren’t born into wealth and status? Don’t have a degree from one of the top-10 Colleges/Universities? Too bad, because you’re not likely going to be able to change any of the factors which are assumed to determine a person’s likelihood for success... But the assumptions, as usual, turn out to… Continue reading 10 Steps to Success for Ordinary People

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Everyday Greatness

"The great commitment is so much easier than, and can all too easily shut our hearts to, the ordinary everyday commitment."  Dag Hammerskjöld I feel noble when I make sacrifices for something great--charities or campaigns, ministries, missions, art, a quest, a pilgrimage, a career. To make room for the everyday and ordinary, however, can feel annoying. When I'm worn… Continue reading Everyday Greatness