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C is for CBT: living well, despite everything

This series is an alphabetical exploration of 26 options for living well, despite everything. It answers the question--How can a person live well despite problems?  Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT) helps people think healthier. Healthy thinking sets us free to live a good life in all circumstances and situations, no matter what problems we're facing. If you… Continue reading C is for CBT: living well, despite everything

Tracy Lee Karner
Years Ago

Managing Fibromyalgia–Keep a Health Journal

I'm giving away the health journal I wrote, to anybody who needs it. I don't want any money for it. It comprehensively tracks aggravating and alleviating health factors. It has been useful for me, and now I want to make it available to anyone who needs to keep a health journal for any reason. I'm overwhelmed by… Continue reading Managing Fibromyalgia–Keep a Health Journal