Songs of Earth and Sky

A 3-day writing retreat guide to integrate body, mind & spirit

My practices of spirituality and poetry are inseparable practices. Together they serve to get me to that place of my destiny, which the poet Dorothea Lasky calls “the great love affair between the self and the universal.”

The aim of this 3-day retreat is to help us navigate our lives by intuition, instead of by the misguiding delusion that we know exactly where we’re going and when we’ll arrive.

We will trace some patterns to help us locate and recognize interconnections. We will peer into the chaos—that vast scattering of innumerable stars in our own visible sky—to see unique objects and life forms, and yes, we will name them. Because that’s what humans can’t help doing.

And we will cluster our observations into stories because that’s also what humans do. We will inhabit the questions, instead of thinking we know all the answers. Above all, we will listen, because listening is one of the finest expressions of love, the source of being.

Songs of Earth and Sky