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Tracy Lee Karner

Particularly Pleasing Pita Pockets

By Tracy Rittmueller | May 10, 2012

Okay, so calling them Particularly Pleasing Pita Pockets, gives away that I’ve been watching too much Rick Steve’s Europe on Hulu. His overuse of alliteration–too  many strings of words with the same first sound–tickles me. But these pockets are exceptionally yummy, even if all those P‘s make a slightly sophomoric sentence structure— help! I’m alliterating and I can’t stop! Getting back on topic, This is my favorite pita–fresh from the oven. It takes about 1-1/2 hours from start to finish; about 25 minutes of active time and a little over an hour of waiting around for bread to raise and bake. And I’m going …

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Tracy Lee Karner

10 steps to happiness, from 14th-century Italy

By Tracy Rittmueller | May 9, 2012

“We wish and command that everyone who values our good grace shall bring only cheerful news… wherever he may come from, and whatever he may hear or see.” Giovanni Boccaccio, “The Decameron” (written in 1348, in Italy) When circumstances become challenging and discouraging, it sometimes helps me to take a broader perspective. History shows that life is filled with tragedies and losses, and that my own problems aren’t quite as magnificently huge as they feel. As scary as recent times have felt; all through the ages, dreadful things have happened and survivors have discovered happiness, despite everything. Recently I’ve been …

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Sil Azevedo Photography is Visual Poetry

By Tracy Rittmueller | May 8, 2012

This is one of my favorites of all the photos I’ve ever seen. I just LOVE this image–a reflection of a theater in water, a squeegee wiping it partially away–but only partially! Our dreams get “squeegeed” somewhat, but not wiped out entirely! My mind craves art, music, and literature the way my body wants food–frequently! Sil Azevedo Photography online is one of the places I go when I need photography. Here, I can satisfy my desire for visual poetry. These images heighten my ability to see, enhance my perception of nuances, and make me aware of small things. They enliven my …

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Tracy Lee Karner

Posture Check–Act like you're Confident

By Tracy Rittmueller | May 7, 2012

Putting on good posture is like dressing up for an event, it elevates my mood and raises my hope. By adopting the posture of a dancer, I can trick my mind  into believing I couldn’t possibly, really be in very much pain. Don’t slouch! (I tell myself). But..(my body retorts)…a full fetal position would be comforting and protective right now. My shoulders instinctively hunch forward and my arms wrap around me (like I’m freezing) whenever I’m in pain, which is frequent enough that my body has developed the habit of slouching.So, at least a couple times every day, I have to …

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Tracy Lee Karner

Managing Fibromyalgia–Keep a Health Journal

By Tracy Rittmueller | May 6, 2012

I’m giving away the health journal I wrote, to anybody who needs it. I don’t want any money for it. It comprehensively tracks aggravating and alleviating health factors. It has been useful for me, and now I want to make it available to anyone who needs to keep a health journal for any reason. I’m overwhelmed by the unexpected number of people emailing me to tell me my blog is helpful. Thank you, thank you! I’m glad for the feedback. It inspires me to keep blogging. Regretfully, I can’t respond immediately & personally to every email & inquiry I get. But I …

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Variation on a Theme of Tabouli

By Tracy Rittmueller | May 4, 2012

Since I can’t stand myself when I waste good food, I had to come up with something that would use cilantro (they sell it in bunches too large for my salsa recipe). I also wanted to use up the leftover salsa. It’s like Tex-Mex Tabouli. I don’t like that name, though, so my quick and easy bulgur salad that uses up leftover cilantro shall be known as Variation on a Theme of Tabouli**  You’ll need– 1 cup each of bulgar wheat boiling water chopped cilantro leaves (if you have less than a cup, use what you have); about 1/4 cup each …

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Tracy Lee Karner

Karner Blue Recovery

By Tracy Rittmueller | May 2, 2012

That this beautiful, blue, endangered creature shares my name, makes me irrationally partial to it. Some days I feel kinship with the Karner blue butterfly, as if I, too, am in danger of being wiped out. But there are quiet armies of people devoted to saving this butterfly, from school children in New Hampshire (read more about those Kids for Karners here), to landowners restoring their land with native plantings in Wisconsin (read more about grants for  landowners here). And there’s a quiet army of support and help for me (and for you). That there are people who are willing to …

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Tracy Lee Karner

Keep Moving despite Fibromyalgia

By Tracy Rittmueller | April 30, 2012

People with fibromyalgia will commonly hear the advice, keep moving.  But, what does that really mean? When I finally figured out what they meant (it only took fifteen years), I dropped from my highest weight ever (180 pounds) to 135. At various times I have been bedridden, but now, due to gentle exercising, I’m able, on a good day, to walk for an hour. Compared to “normal” people, I’m still technically “disabled,” meaning, I need people to help me (but then, who doesn’t?) I can’t do as much activity as healthy people my age, and I need a lot more rest. …

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Tracy Lee Karner

Build Endurance despite Fibromyalgia

By Tracy Rittmueller | April 29, 2012

Trust me on this: exercise is important. I apologize in advance for the length of this post–I know you’re busy and often exhausted, so I’m trying to keep my posts to around 300-500 words (no more than five minutes of your time). My “inspiring-people” posts run 800-1000 words (ten to fifteen minutes of your time), because I believe these people deserve a little attention. This post will take fifteen minutes to read, and will require some thought and planning on your part–and, some time to incorporate exercising into your schedule (remember to talk to your doctor about exercising). There’s no …

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Clean-out-the-fridge Frittata

By Tracy Rittmueller | April 28, 2012

 My momma done told me…(if you sing these next words to the tune of that famous song, this will be more fun.) My momma done told me…to clean up left-overs (but beware, putting melody to these words will make them haunt you, just like the memory of your mother’s voice sometimes won’t leave you). First, pull some leftovers out of the fridge (you save them, right?) We had tacos last night, and had about a 1/4 cup each of leftover chopped peppers and onions, co-jack cheese, quesa fresca, and cilantro. Also, part of a jalapeño, some canned tomatoes (petite diced), and lurking …

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