Poem: Healing is a Never Ending Departure

Healing is a Never Ending Departure

an improvisation after the poem STUFEN by Hermann Hesse
Tracy Rittmueller

Like every flower fades and every childhood
withers into age, every stage
of life blooms; each insight, too.
And every goodness blossoms in its time
yet will not last forever. In every purpose,
in every call of life, the heart
must willingly let go.
                                     And then begin again,
that with fortitude, yet not without some lamentation,
we may give ourselves to new endeavors.
So let us dare to journey
from provision to provision.
Let’s cling to no familiar thing as if to home,
for we are scarcely settled in our cozy way of life
when fear will rear to threaten
our tranquil disposition. To be free
of a grasping, acquisitive nature we must
be ever ready to depart, to travel on. 
Perhaps even the hour of our death
will be like another eviction,
renewing our vigor. Life calls us
to our never ending story.
All is still well.
Take heart, dear heart.
Release, that you may heal.
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