authentic mexican food in massachusetts

Oscar's Burritos in Boxborough, MA is worth going out of your way for!

authentic mexican food in massachusetts
Oscar’s Burritos, Boxborough, MA

We were in Concord, Massachusetts on a Sunday, and wanted a quick lunch, but all the restaurants were either jam-packed, ultra-noisy, or too expensive.
We headed toward I495 and home, and Yelped for restaurant choices. Mexican? Just the ticket!
We walked into Oscars Burritos: Wow! Great prices, and a whole LOT more than just Burritos.
Oscar's Burritos
So many choices!

We agonized over how to choose. My chef-husband looked at the offerings and jokingly requested one of everything. Look at the tantalizing choices.
IMG_1116 IMG_1115 IMG_1114 IMG_1113
Oscar's Burritos Menu
Oscar’s Menu

After a lot of hemming and hawing, we made up our minds to try the Super Mexican Plate with Carnitas, and the Mexican Plate (without sour cream and avocado) with Beef.
IMG_1119 Mexican Plates Oscar's Burritos
Who wants an authentic Mexican meal without a bottle of Jarritos? Oscar has all the flavors!



That was SO good!! And there’s so much more to try, we’ll be going back. I assure you; Oscar’s Burritos is definitely worth going out of your way for. 
Oscars is located off of HWY 111, behind a garden center and in front of a skating rink 15 minutes away from Concord, MA and 5 minutes from Massachusetts I495 exits 43/44.
I don’t bother writing about the dozens of places I visit every month, which don’t meet my high standards. I recommend only locally-owned places that offer exceptional quality, friendly & professional service, and reasonable prices.
Oscar’s Burritos
36 Massachusetts Ave, Boxborough MA 01719
What will you order?

24 thoughts on “Oscar's Burritos in Boxborough, MA is worth going out of your way for!”

    1. I wish there were more of our kind of restaurant! It’s not easy to find real food, well-prepared, at a reasonable price.
      My friend from Germany was recently here and couldn’t believe how expensive everything was. She feels like the cost of living is so much lower in Hamburg. That’s exactly the opposite of the way it used to be. I’m not sure why it changed…

  1. I must remember not to read your posts when I’m hungry, Tracy! Everything looks scrumptious. I love tortilla soup, so I would start with that. The prices are very reasonable. Great review!

    1. I was tempted to settle for lesser food, higher prices at one of the other places we stopped at. I was so hungry. But I’m glad my perfectionist husband insisted we keep looking. Because we found what we were looking for.

    1. As you know by now, I’m doing my best to share our good fortune. Hopefully you’ll see my little present to you and your family on your doorstep sooner rather than later. 😉

  2. Tracy, you are a superb food critic and tour guide. Now I’m craving burritos…or even better, authentic Huevos Rancheros. Don’t know if I spelled it correctly, but I do know when it’s fixed perfectly!

    1. I think you spelled it correctly.
      I’m working on an expanded New England Low-cost / Leisurely itinerary book. Oscars will make the cut, as will a couple of places we visited in New Bedford this morning. It was such an incredibly perfect day, it had me singing, “Almost Heaven, Puffy Clou-ouds, Lapping Way-aves, Herman Melville set Moby Dick here.” You have to sing it to the tune of John Denver’s Country Roads — it almost works. 😉

    1. When I say places–that means restaurants, coffee shops, deli’s, hotels, motels, b&b’s, inns, stores, specialty shops, museums, galleries, parks, historical sites & attractions. I don’t eat or stay at all of the restaurants / hotels, but I scope them out. It isn’t really difficult deciding which ones to write about. Very few of them meet all of our criteria.
      First, they have to be clean, and they have to do the basics right. Then, they have to be staffed by friendly, competent people, locally-owned (not a chain), and if they serve food, it has to be not just “good enough,” but worth going out of your way for (which means not mass-produced and bought from the same distributor/manufacturer that 90% of restaurants in the country buy a lot of their food from).
      And finally, they have to be very reasonably-priced. Museums/attractions that charge more than $15 per person don’t make the cut. Shops that stock the same boring or currently-trendy stuff as everyone else don’t make the cut. I’ve gotten used to the fact that most places won’t make the cut.
      I’m writing for people who don’t want to waste their valuable leisure time/ money on mediocre or over-priced excursions, and who have grown rightfully suspicious of the magazines and shows which “promote” places who pay to be promoted/listed.
      I’m collecting all of this in a book / ebook, and these occasional postings on my blog are little samples of the upcoming book.
      It’s our hobby — to take a daytime excursion every weekend. Sometimes we take a day off during the week and poke around, too. New England is relatively small, so most of what we explore is within a 2-hour drive (one way). About every 4-6 weeks, we take an overnight jaunt to the farther corners. We’re enjoying ourselves, and figure that what we discover will be helpful to people who think like we do — people who want quieter, simpler, more relaxing outings, who want to avoid overly-expensive, overcrowded touristy hot-spots.

      1. It sounds like as interesting book. Food is one of my passions from a totally different perspective, that of food sensitivities and also long-term health (heart disease, obesity etc). Not many places ‘make the cut’ for my criteria either. Too long to go into here but suffice it to say that ‘preparing fresh’ is necessary for health benefits as well, and most places (when you look into it) do not do that; they are using pre-prepared / canned / preserved food laden with all the nasties. I am intrigued that you give the flick to most place … but for a different reason than me. It would be interesting to find out whether the ‘acceptable’ places match up!

  3. “real” food, as in fresh, from scratch, unprocessed, is extremely important to me, because additives, and food depleted of nutrients make me feel terrible. I think many, but not all of the restaurants we favor, would have items on the menu to suit you, (My husband doesn’t gives only a bit of a nod t nutrition. We cook very healthy when we’re at home, so when we go out, his priority is flavor. But even for him, that means real food, not pre-made, frozen, packaged factory made junk.

      1. We can get Mexican food here, much more in recent years, but it’s just not the same. There is an excellent Mexican restaurant where my boys live in Brighton (and a few in London and other big cities) which we visit everytime we go down but nothing where we live. I miss it soooooo much!!

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