An A-to-Z Litany: Z is for Zebra

This is the end of my series, an alphabetical exploration of 26 options for living well, despite everything, answering the question–How can we live well, despite problems? 
We can be grateful that Z is for Zebra! Amen!

A is for Aardvark;
B is for Birch;
C, Cicadas;
Deer; Elderberry; Fairy shrimp;
Game fish (salmon, trout, bass, mackerel);
House cricket; Iris; Jack rabbit;
Kit fox; Lark; Milk thistle;
Neon guppy; Orchid; Porphyry (purple igneous feldstone);
Quartz; Raptor; Sand dune;
Tamarind; Undulating and mysterious marine life:
Vole; Water: Xeropyte (a plant that thrives with little water);
Yellow-legged sandpiper;

and Z is for Zebra!

For all creatures great and small, for ecosystems, weather, stars and planets, light and darkness, for all things seen and unseen, all things bright and frightening and beautiful I give thanks.

Thank you for the world so sweet.
Thank you for the food we eat.
Thank you for the birds that sing.
Thank you, God, for everything.

Creator God,

Teach me to live well.

Let me deeply experience and know the glory of creation, that I may learn how life is sustained, how diversity is nurtured, how seasons influence growth and decay and rebirth, how necessary are nontoxic rains, unpolluted air and filtered sunshine for the sustenance of life. Remind me how vital are the restful, nonproductive seasons for renewal of fertile abundance. Help me to understand that food and provision are healthy (whole, holy) only when the earth–the atmosphere, the soil, the water, all the plants and animals living on and in earth–are all healthy.

Let me know deeply the places where I live and work that I will wisely care for the environments in which I am planted. May I learn to lovingly attend to the needs of the animals, plants and minerals which provide food, shelter and clothing for me, my family, and for all humanity.

May we all learn to live harmoniously, sustainably and peaceably in our miraculous bodies on this miraculous planet. May we learn to accept and to follow the way of wisdom.


(Please, say, Yes!)

31 thoughts on “An A-to-Z Litany: Z is for Zebra”

  1. Yes! Amen!
    We have a show here called 16 X 9 and they featured a documentary about the millions of tons of arsenic we have buried in Yellow Knife due to the process we used to extract gold from the soil in the 70s. The company no longer exists so the kept-it-under-my-hat-at-the-time-and-downplayed-the-danger government will use over $900 million dollars of tax payer’s money to manage it and then at least 2 million a year forever to keep it contained. What won’t we tolerate? What will stop us from bowing down to the Almighty dollar? Ok I’m done my rant, I think… <3
    Diana xo

    1. Wisdom stops us from bowing down to the almighty dollar; unfortunately a lot of people believe the lie that on the scale of value, gold outweighs wisdom. It does not. Wisdom is more valuable to the human race, and to the planet, than gold.

    1. When I was young, I thought about taking a pen name, actually, I did, for a while, and called myself Leslie for about a year (different spelling; same sound). I love that name!

    1. Thanks, B. I was just thinking about you. Ken and I are daydreaming about spending 5-6 months in Europe in 2016. If it happens, maybe we could meet in Paris? Long way away, and a lot of planning to do to make it happen, but we’re dreaming, and planning. (I’m thinking we’d do Paris in May).

  2. For aardvarks to zebras, and everything in between, for every creative effort and attempt to share and grow, and for hope and dreams and plans, yes, thank you God for everything. This has been a delightful series.

    1. Thank you, Marylin. I’ll probably be posting a bit less in the future, and working more on my books. This series helped me get in the groove of finishing things; and it’s really time to finish my novel!

  3. Tracy,
    You not only found a way to focus your gratitude and spread it widely like the sower scattering seed, but you have completed the alphabet project with one lovely poem.
    Your reminder of the short table grace I too learned as a child has made me smile. I hope to teach it to my grandchildren.
    Blessings on your novel writing!

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