Great Cheap Eats at Ben's Chili Dogs in Newport, Rhode Island

My favorite way to be wowed is unexpectedly. I so much did not expect to love Ben’s Chili Dogs in Newport.
How we found Ben’s Chili Dogs: Recently my dear chef-husband was kind enough to accompany me to Sachuest Point National Wildlife Refuge, despite the wacky-frigid-windy weather, so that I could, maybe, spot my first Harlequin Duck. He stood on a cliff in the wind and watched me scan the Sachuest Bay in front of Middletown’s Second Beach with my binoculars. “No Harlequin,” I reported, “but there’s a flock of Common Eider… and I think that’s a Red Breasted Merganser.”
“Hot dog,” said the man who loves me dearly enough to freeze his eyeballs while watching me stare at waterfowl bobbing in the surf. “I could really go for a hot dog right now.”
I rarely eat hot dogs. My Chicago-born husband, however, gets a hankering for them at unexpected times. I figured the February face-numbing breezes on Sachuest Point made him nostalgic for the Windy City and comfort food, so of course I mapped “hot dogs” and “my location” on my iPhone. Ben’s Chili Dogs came up as the nearest hot-dog stop between us and home. Since marriage thrives on reciprocity, I intended to accompany him there, to watch him eat a hot dog. And then I discovered,
There’s more to Ben’s Chili Dogs than Chili Dogs.

  • Homemade delicious soup, including Kerri’s soon-to-be-famous 13-bean chili and a beautiful Portuguese Kale Soup! Oh, my!
Portuguese Kale Soup at Ben's Chili Dogs
Potatoes, carrots, pinto beans, Chourico and, of course, Kale, swimming in a delicious home-made broth.
  • Locally-sourced milk from Arrudas Dairy, Tiverton, RI. And the chocolate version actually has cocoa in it, with no corn syrup (if you read the label of most chocolate milk “drinks” — you’ll find loads of Yucky Stuff!)
Arruda's Chocolate Milk
Wholesome good milk from Arruda’s Dairy. Read fine print on your foods’ labels!
  • Baked beans, Chourico and peppers, coney island meat sauce–everything is made from scratch, with love. (I can taste the love in food, and I know when it’s not there!)
  • And the hot dogs are all beef/pork, natural casing, no fillers. I actually ate one, with Kraut (because Kraut is so good-for-you!). It was tasty.

Kraut Dog, Ben's Chili Dogs
Kraut makes everything healthier!

Ben’s Chili Dogs meets all the requirements to be awarded my personal recommendation (read about my standards for honest reviews here).

  • It’s been locally owned for 46 years,
  • offers high quality homemade food,
  • with fast, friendly, professional service,
Vinny and Kerri have provided fast, friendly, professional service and great homemade food to Ben's guests for years! They're rightfully proud to have been awarded "Best Chili Dog" from Rhode Island Monthly.
Vinny and Kerri have provided fast, friendly, professional service and great homemade food to Ben’s guests for years! They’re rightfully proud to have been awarded “Best Chili Dog” from Rhode Island Monthly.
  • at a greatly economical price!!! (I love bargains!)
Ben's Chili Dogs menu
Check out these prices!

Ben’s Chili Dogs, 158 Broadway, Newport, RI 02840
Winter hours: 10-6 Mon-Sat; 12-5 Sun
Summer hours: 10-8 Mon-Sat; 12-5 Sun

What’s your favorite dog? 

6 thoughts on “Great Cheap Eats at Ben's Chili Dogs in Newport, Rhode Island”

  1. Tracy … I haven’t had a hot dog in years. But I still fondly recall the ones we had at the famous Heid’s Hot Dog Stand in Liverpool, NY. As I recall, the only condiments they had were mustard and onions – maybe, relish. How I longed to add sauerkraut to them as I did when I worked at the hot dog counter at W. T. Grant’s in Syracuse.
    The photos you feature from Ben’s Chili Dogs look very inviting. I’ll bet the 13 bean soup is terrific, especially on a wintry day. 😉

    1. Heid’s was from my hometown in Syracuse NY…..Never in my wildest dreams as a child did I think I would own a hot dog joint when I grew up!! Fond memories of Heid’s…Mary , Ben’s Chili Dogs :))

  2. The soup looks wonderful. Can’y help but think of the comment about hot dogs (Steve Martin I think) “some people like lips and entrails”. But those do look very good.

    1. I have to force myself to not think about what might be in a hot dog every time I eat a hot dog (which is why I seldom eat them!) There is, however, a big difference in quality (and ingredients) between the “good” brands and the cheap stuff.

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