West's Bakery in Hope Valley, Rhode Island is the Best

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I’m talking about West’s Bakery in the village of Hope Valley in the town of Hopkington in the county of Washington in the state of Rhode Island, which is a confusing place when it comes to place names. (click here to read my honest-reviews policy).
West’s Bakery is where we recently had one of the best breakfasts we’ve ever enjoyed, at such a reasonable price, that we’re glad they aren’t right next door to us. We’d be tempted to stop by every day for one of their scrumptiously ethereal Bismark pastries, with eggs Benedict on the side–and we’d get fat!
Although it is fairly likely that taking a trip to eat at West’s is going to become a once-a-month indulgence for us. It’s our kind of place:

  • cozy-friendly atmosphere,
  • yummy food,
  • low prices,
  • owners and staff who all obviously care about giving customers a top-notch food experience,
  • in a scenic locale.

The family-owned bakery/restaurant first opened in the 1950’s, and is conveniently located in Hope Valley on Route 3, just off of I95 between exits 2 and 3. (Open Thursdays through Sundays 6:00am to 3:00pm; closed Mon. Tue. & Wed.) It’s the perfect place to stop for breakfast or lunch when traveling between Connecticut and Providence, Boston, or Cape Cod.
Ken ordered the weekend special: Italian Eggs Benedict: Italian Sausage, Roasted Red Peppers and 2 eggs served on a split English Muffin, topped with Hollandaise sauce. ($6.95 !!)
I had the breakfast burrito. ($5.95)
We shared an order of home fries ($1.50) and an addictive Bismark ($1.55)
And we can’t wait to get back there! We
Tracy Lee Karner
And get this: you can order your Thanksgiving Pies from them, to pick up on November 26th. Prices are from $10-12 per pie. Phone (401) 539-2451.
What’s your favorite bakery treat? 

29 thoughts on “West's Bakery in Hope Valley, Rhode Island is the Best”

  1. We just visited our son in Providence. Had an impressive sticky bun from Seven Stars Bakery. But breakfast was reserved for Grange further down the road – great vegan, GF, or just plain breakfast food.

  2. I love eating at great, local gems like this. Your image of the tray of Bismarks is an almost hallucinatory experience. I will remember your recommendation for when I next visit RI.

    1. YUM is right!
      The cooks there LOVE their job. Every Sunday after they close (at 3:00 pm) they sit around and dream up a new special for the following weekend. I hope they put this one on the menu as a regular item.
      I hop you get to leave the house again, soon!

  3. Just across the way is a great little store called Hack & Livery. By the name, you’d think it’s horse tack (Saddles, bridles) but it’s a really great, unique gift store!

  4. For clarification this spot is in the village of Hope Valley in the town of Hopkinton, RI not fat from the Wyoming area of the town of Richmond.

    1. Okay, John. So I definitely do NOT understand Rhode Island towns, villages, areas, and maps. On the map, it says it’s in Wyoming. I’ll do a little research and revise my article. Thanks for enlightening me.

  5. I’m delightfully surprised by two things, Tracy. First, that there is a Wyoming, Rhode Island, and second, that all the foods you featured are among my favorites. Especially their version of Eggs Benedict. My idea of a perfect food-writing assignment is to travel to fascinating small towns featuring great diners and cafes, and write about only their version of Eggs Benedict.

  6. I live about a mile away & ALWAYS stop at “The Bakery” not only for the GREAT food served at a table or counter but their grinders made with their own fresh baked bread are out of this world! Just a reminder that most of the “Locals ” sit at the counter & if you want to know whats wrong in the world & how to fix it SIT AT THE COUNTER & LISTEN!

    1. I will definitely sit at the counter. I’m pretty sure I know what’s wrong in the world, but I’d sure like to know how to fix it! Thanks for the insider tip, Pat, and thank you for taking the time to leave a comment.

  7. What a great find, Tracy. A few weeks ago I wrote about the role of breakfast and a good day, also including a picture of a lovely Eggs Benny dish. Yours is even prettier. Great prices, too. You must have launched a very good day with this visit. If I lived closer, I would definitely follow you there!

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