Meet Kathleen Pooler: a Memoir Writer who inspires Hope

Published writers who blog about the writing life are a great resource for those who hope to be published.
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Meet Kathleen Pooler, a retired family nurse practitioner whose hope-inspiring memoir will be published on July 28.

Pooler Final Cover
Ever Faithful to His Lead: My Journey Away From Emotional Abuse will be available at Amazon (click here).

Kathleen also generously shares her writing journey with blog readers. On her website she offers tips for memoir writers  and a list of resources.

For more tips, check out her recent blog posts which explore:

Kathleen also opens her heart to readers.

She explores how hope works in her life, and she facilitates an ongoing conversation with readers about how hope and faith come together to work in their lives. She believes, as I do, that we are mutually strengthened and enlightened when we share our stories.
Kathleen has enjoyed a good life–a  successful career as a family nurse practitioner, a happy marriage, a blended family of six children, and ten grandsons, a Golden Retriever named Max, and 135 acres where her husband grows organic vegetables. She found all this goodness by coming through many obstacles and disappointments: divorce, two failed marriages, one alcoholic and one abusive spouse, single-parenting, a son’s alcoholism, cancer and heart failure.
Her story is particularly helpful to people in abusive, oppressive  or destructive relationship, and to those with a friend or family member trapped in unhappiness. Her greatest wish is that her memoir will be a guiding light to women who find themselves in the grip of an unhealthy relationship, who are searching for their inner strength and freedom.
I wish her success with her new book, not only for herself but also for the people who will be inspired and motivated by her story. And I thank her, with admiration, for mustering the courage and perseverance to write and share her journey with readers.
You can connect with Kathy on her blog, and also on your favorite social media networks:
Twitter @kathypooler
LinkedIn: Kathleen Pooler
Google+:Kathleen Pooler
Facebook–Personal page Kathy Pooler
Facebook — Author page, Kathleen Pooler/Memoir Writer’s Journey
Which book or which author has been an inspiration to you? 

41 thoughts on “Meet Kathleen Pooler: a Memoir Writer who inspires Hope”

  1. I could supply you with a very long list, but for now, let me put just one. I have grown fond of N N Taleb’s writings as his insightful, belligerent style is a nice break from the many authors who are content to go with whatever’s popular. He seems to enjoy doing the opposite. While he often get’s things wrong (at least in my opinion) and sometimes takes things too far, I find that any session spent reading his stuff results in considerable thought and self-review; well worth the effort.

    1. I had to look him up. I’m intrigued.
      He does look challenging. I might be up for this right now. I thank you sincerely for the tip. I just found this at the top of his home page:
      Ethics: “If you see fraud and don’t shout fraud, you are a fraud”
      It fits perfectly with the themes I’m exploring in my novel. Which means I am compelled to check him out!

      1. He has a number of books, but I’d recommend reading “The Black Swan” and “Antifragile” in that order. As I mentioned he has a rather belligerent writing style that not everyone likes. I enjoy it as it challenges me to think about what he’s saying. Sometimes I agree and often I do not, but it’s worth it in either case as his writings get you to explore things you may have accepted without question.

  2. Dear Tracy, I am honored and humbled by this lovely tribute and grateful for your kind words. You have captured the essence of my reasons for writing. I appreciate this series on recognizing others who have influenced us in our writing lives. Learning from one another is one of the most satisfying aspects of the writing life. As we agree, we are all enlightened, inspired and enriched when we share our stories, Thank you!

    1. My pleasure, Kathy. And best wishes to you as you launch your book! I’m hoping, with you, that it enlightens and inspires the many women who need to be encouraged to move ahead.

  3. Tracy, I love when people weather and emerge from a difficult situation and then share their journey with others with the intention to help them. Kathleen sounds like an amazing woman!
    Diana xo

    1. She does have a lovely smile. I was struck by the similarity between her and my own nurse practitioner, also named Kathleen. I could always talk to her, because she had those same compassionate, and listening eyes and smile. 🙂

  4. I am informed, inspired and encouraged by this post, Tracy. Thank you.
    Kathleen, you are truly a wonderful and insightful writer. The additional tips on your posts were exceptional, especially the one on fear.
    Thank you very much.

  5. I’m overwhelmed by your kind and generous comments. Writing can be a lonely endeavor but I have found much encouragement and camaraderie from my online friends. We all have so much to learn from one another. I’m loving meeting you all through Tracy. Thank you everyone!

    1. This is a sweet little party, isn’t it? I, too, have found such encouragement and camaraderie from my online friends.
      And I add my thanks, to everyone, for taking the time to encourage and support.

  6. I see old and new online friends here and am happy that more people are meeting my friend, Kathy. This is an exceptional post about an exceptional woman.

    1. She is indeed exceptional. I’m glad you followed her over here, Patti. It’s great to meet you!
      I popped over to your blog to read a bit about you. It sounds like you’re quite exceptional, too.
      Wishing you much insight and healing as you journey and write. <3

  7. Thank you very much Tracy for introducing Kathleen to us in this excellent post, I am very much looking forwarding to reading her linked posts (as soon as I can) and learning so much more about and from this truly inspirational woman 🙂

  8. So much fun to see the two of you connected. I’m a great admirer of both of your books, and I’m sure they will bring healing to many. Peace and joy!

  9. Hi Tracy. I didn’t have time to read this post through but I’m bookmarking for later when I get back home. Can’t wait to soak up the knowledge in all of the links; Ms. Pooler sounds like a treasure.
    Jennifer x

  10. Hello Tracy Lee (and Kathy!) and thanks for this post and links.
    I’ve recently finished ‘Toward Daylight’ (love the title and sub-title) and enjoyed your story very much — your personal journey and writing journey, and your New England life and travels with Ken 🙂
    Now looking forward to reading Kathy’s memoir. Congratulations to you both on publishing your books.
    Cheers and happy writing.

      1. Hi, Carolyn,
        I’m so glad you enjoyed my story–and thank you so much for taking the time to let me know. In order to write, I have to spend a lot of time alone. But the reason I write, is to connect with others. Books are a strange way to do that, because an author doesn’t always hear from readers or get an opportunity to know what they thought. It means a lot.
        I hope you enjoy Kathleen’s story, too. Cheers to you, and I hope you’ll stay in touch!

  11. I like to know people who are writers, this post fills us in on Kathleen’s background and gives us the resources to help us, if we are in troubled situations. Great lead on a wonderful author and book! Smiles, Robin

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