all the baseball parks in new england

A Handy Guide to All the Baseball Teams and Parks in New England by Location and League

all the baseball parks in new england
McCoy Stadium, Pawtucket Rhode Island

Here’s where to watch baseball–the Great American Pastime–in New England:

Major League Baseball

  • We all should see the Boston Red Sox play at Fenway, at least once, shouldn’t we?

Minor League Baseball

New England Collegiate Baseball League

Cape Cod Collegiate Baseball League

 East Division

West Division

 Why do you love baseball (or why not)?


14 thoughts on “A Handy Guide to All the Baseball Teams and Parks in New England by Location and League”

    1. I’m not a rabid fan, but I do follow the Sox, and especially like a live game at the collegiate level. I’ve even been known to pull over in a small town to watch a high-school girls’ fast-pitch game. If it’s a fine summer day and there’s a hot-dog stand on the premises. It’s just such a summery thing to do, watch a ball game, listen to the crack of the bat on the ball… 🙂

    1. You’re a trooper. I can’t say that. Baseball and tennis are the only sports I enjoy watching.
      I didn’t even watch the world cup — although I was definitely interested in seeing Germany win. (I used to live there–but the soccer bug didn’t bite me).

  1. Please forgive me for not taking in all the details. I am so not a sports spectator – If the result hadn’t been on the main news I would still have no idea who won the World Cup. 😉

    1. Actually, I wouldn’t even be a baseball watcher, if I wasn’t madly in love with my husband who is crazy about the Red Sox. His talk about the game makes the game interesting to me.
      I vaguely knew (and should have cared much more than I did) that Germany was in the final.
      I think they won, but I’m not sure. Did they win? (I’m serious, I don’t know. I’ll have to do a quick web search right now, to find out).
      Baseball is the only sport I pay any attention to, and only because of the man I’m married to.

  2. This was simply wonderful that you gathered this all up to share with us! I love the idea of minor or major league baseball. The tickets are much more reasonable than the opera, symphony or theatre. I think it makes us all much more of a ‘team’ when we gather on the benches to watch the teams play and root for them! It is one of the most fun times! I enjoyed my only one game a season, Cleveland Indians game. I usually go to the local Columbus Clippers game once, too. I was raised with a family of New Englanders, may have mentioned this, my great grandfather settled in Cape Ann area, Rockport, Massachusetts. Built his ‘rock house’ on Squam Hill there. I was blessed to be able to visit once a year, then spent my whole 16th summer there, working. I like to read your posts about New England, they make me nostalgic! Thanks, Tracy!

    1. Ken and I were just, now, talking about the power of nostalgia…
      New England is definitely a special place, Robin. And Rockport, MA plays a very special place in my life — the cover image on my book “Toward Daylight” is from of the Emerson Inn in Rockport.
      Do you think there’s a chance you’ll ever get back here. We still live not far from Rockport.

  3. I wanted to comment on the baseball and beer post, Tracy, but I couldn’t get on. So I’ll answer here.
    I LOVE summer baseball, especially little league baseball (and girls’ softball). There’s root bear and licorice and popcorn, but not beer allowed, and there’s more than enough enthusiasm, excitement…and sometimes disappointment and angst… to make the summer nights buzz with energy and high hopes.
    I do love baseball!

    1. I really enjoy it, too, Marilyn, with or without the beer.
      There’s something very strange going on with they other baseball post. I’m trying to look into it. I posted a comment there, to see what would happen, and now I can’t find or access the post at all. Hmmmm…. (someone who doesn’t like baseball is messing with my dashboard?)

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