Welcome to My Community’s Autumn Soup Supper

Warm your belly with autumn soup and your soul with good company. It’s okay if you didn’t bring a dish to pass–we have enough here to feed any and all visitors. But before you dig in, let me tell you about this here community.
We’re a cooperative group of bloggers.
Oh, there are people out there in cyberspace who blog competitively, but they wouldn’t fit in here at my place. I like it when we ALL triumph. That’s why I’m offering an opportunity for my blogger-friends to improve their search ratings and reach out to new readers–DO put a link to your blog on this page. To read the guidelines Click here.
Maybe you’re wondering whether my blogosphere can accurately be called a community.
My Consise Oxford English Dictionary says the first definition for community is “a group of people living together in one place.” But we’re spread out all over the planet.
Then there’s the more abstract definition, “a group of people having a religion, race, profession, or other characteristic in common.” But this definitely does NOT define my blogging connections–as a group, we are NOT easily characterizable. While you might say that because “we all blog,” we have a common characteristic,  these days, that’s like saying “we all talk.”
So, I’m going to assert that we do share a place--our beautiful planet earth. Cyber-technology is changing my conception of “space” and “neighborhood.”
I routinely revisit the same blogs where I feel as if I’m dropping in at an open house for a meet and greet, a wine-tasting, a soiree, or a coffee-clatch. I reconnect and make new connections. We share recipes, food/wine/travel experiences, frustrations, inspiration, and jokes. We even share stories about and pictures of our families.
Perhaps the coolest thing about blogging parties is, they’re always going on whenever I have the time and inclination to go out, and no one minds–or even notices–if I show up with my hair mussed, wearing my jammies.
So let me introduce you to five of the other guests who arrived early and helped me set up. You’ll definitely want to sample the soups they brought to our gathering (click on the soup names for recipes):
Screen shot 2013-09-24 at 7.27.07 PM

  • Sheryl brought a delicious old-fashioned celery chowder.  It’s a milky, homestyle kind of soup, just right for those of us who like to congregate at Sheryl’s blog, A Hundred Years Ago. We consider a slower-paced time as she daily posts her grandmother’s diary, written from 1911-1914 when her grandmother Helena was 15-19. History and geneology buffs, lovers of nostalgia, and people with farming roots or farming ancestors will want to show up at her gatherings.

Screen shot 2013-09-24 at 7.32.31 PM

  • Peri is sharing an intriguing Kadhi-Yogurt Soup for those of us hooked on the delicious cuisine of India (warning: if you try this soup, you’ll likely become addicted to Peri’s food style). Peri’s Spice Ladle blog is where we who are devoted to healthy, flavorful eating gather to be inspired by her magical cuisine-wand. A native of Mumbai, India, now living in Texas, she adds inspired flavor to our everyday favorites and tweaks Indian classics to make them more accessible to home cooks world-wide.

Screen shot 2013-09-24 at 7.34.42 PM

  • Dwight has brought this exquisite white bean and garlic soup from his blog Edible Arts, for us who love the guileless goodness of a simple preparation. Dwight is a certified wine specialist and a professor of philosophy at San Diego Mesa College. He blogs eloquently and thoughtfully about food and wine with professorial meanderings into ethics, political philosophy and aesthetics. We go there to become more conscious about why we’re in the kitchen and what we’re doing as home cooks, as well as to be inspired by the natural goodness and beauty of food and drink.

Screen shot 2013-09-24 at 7.36.30 PM

  • Francesca from Flora’s Table has created this meltingly tasty Pumpkin soup. A native of Italy living with her photographer & wine-expert husband, Stefano Crosio, in New York, her blog is where home cooks devoted to fresh, wholesome ingredients and simple preparations find inspiration to create little kitchen masterpieces, always delicious and often with authentic Italian flare (and featuring Stefano’s beautiful photography).

Screen shot 2013-09-24 at 7.38.07 PM

  • And Oliver is my German friend and my favorite Riesling-Fanatic, also known as the-Winegetter, He brought us this amazing Korean Radish Soup (with beef). We wine-lovers head over to Oliver’s place to chat and compare tasting notes (often about his beloved Rieslings) and to vicariously enjoy the frequent globe-trotting jaunts he takes with his lovely wife, Nina.

Now, you all enjoy the party–taste and mingle. Introduce yourselves to each other while I go get the beverages and glasses.
In the comments, please link to your blog and give a short description of what goes on at your place. If you’re excessively shy, just tell us your blog name, where you blog from (be as specific or general as you want) and link to your home page.
I’ll be looking for all of you at future parties hosted by the fantastic members of my blogging community.
Because I can’t think of a better word for our coming-together than community. Can you? 

59 thoughts on “Welcome to My Community’s Autumn Soup Supper”

        1. What a wonderful post and especially concept, Tracy!
          Way to go and hat’s off to you for coming up with this joint effort, think tank, cooperation, community idea! Well done.
          And yay for our little Philly get together! 🙂
          We need to make it happen in Rhode Island too!
          Also, thanks for linking to C&C 🙂

          1. You’re quite welcome. And I’m glad you saw this for what it is–my attempt to showcase community and cooperation.
            I don’t know why it has taken me so long to tap back into the very thing that has always come naturally to me. I’ve always had a knack for focusing a team effort so that everyone wins. I am ever-aware of the inter-connectedness of everything that happens; it’s blatantly clear to me nobody accomplishes anything entirely alone (even though some people’s special talent seems to be to hog the credit).
            Well, actually, I do know why it took so long. It was my health, which for 17 years has been necessarily taking a HUGE chunk of my time and attention. But this past year I’ve made a huge breakthrough in recovering my strength and endurance, and also I’ve discovered how to “work” with people online, which makes it possible for me to collaborate again.
            And yes, we’ll make it happen a get-together happen in Rhode Island, too. I’ll be messaging you on that in a few months. I have some groovy ideas!

  1. Tracy, what a wonderful post and it mirrors my feelings regarding dropping in on friends. It’s just marvelous. Thanks so much for including me! While I have frequented the parties at Peri and Francesca’s, I was new to Sheryl and Dwight. Exciting blogs, and I am so glad I found them through you!! And as always, thanks for your kind words!

    1. You’re most welcome.
      I’m thinking about doing something like this every couple of months. Next time, probably a wine and cheese tasting… I think it’s fun to see who other people are reading, and I’ve found some of my favorite bloggers because they’ve hung out at other bloggers’ places.

    1. The soups are simple and delicious–perfect for suppers!
      Annie blogs with beautiful photography, I might add. Duluth is one of my old stomping grounds and I love revisiting it’s beautiful scenery through Annie’s pictures.

    1. Thanks for stopping by, Marylin.
      And let me introduce you to the folks here who don’t know you. I visit Marylin’s place every week to pause and consider what’s really important in life, reading her posts about “Things I want to tell my mother.” http://warnerwriting.wordpress.com/
      Marylin was one of my first blogging friends–and therefore she’s quite special to me…

  2. What a great post! I love the idea – what are you serving as a beverage at this party? And all of the soups look and sound delish – I’ll have a sampling of each.
    I’m so happy to call you a friend!
    For those of you who don’t know me, I’m Captain from Cowboys and Crossbones.
    My feline side kick, Ted and I blog about our Nashville life, fun and all kinds of shenanigans in between!

    1. Beverages–whatever every each guest wants, that’s what she gets. Skinny Pirate coming right up for you!
      I met Captain in cyberspace while I was living near here in Nashville, but left town before we had an opportunity to connect in a reality place. I regret that!

  3. Tracy – your soup picture looked so wonderfully warming I was enticed in – and what a wonderfully metaphorical post you’ve created – a community is like a bowl of soup – plenty of different ingredients, mixed together to form interesting flavours and friendships: magical.
    My favourite soup is curried parsnip – Mum’s secret recipe and one I haven’t been able to emulate 🙂

  4. What a wonderful idea! This is definitely my idea of a good party 🙂 That’s probably one of the things I love most about blogging, the connections you make with other people. I love this collection of fall soups. We must have been thinking the same thing because just last weekend I made some wild rice soup in my crock pot. I’ve been wanting to try pumpkin or butternut squash soup so I might have use Francesca’s recipe.

      1. Thank you, Ladies!!!
        I love Heather. She is such a talented baker. Her treats are masterpieces. I just realized that Oliver and Heather live in the same place. Tracy, are you thinking what I’m thinking? 🙂

  5. I have been dreaming of soup since the weather turned cooler. I haven’t gotten out my recipes yet…but soon. Every year there is a different one that I make obsessively. I wonder what it will be this year….
    I’m Kate from southeastern Pennsylvania and I blog about…well….just about anything! http://www.coffeekatblog.com

  6. The wetter will soon be getting cold here in Germany (hopefully after the Oktoberfest is over) and then I’ll definitely try your soup. Soups are among my favorite dishes during autumn 🙂

  7. Tracy, Tracy, Tracy!!! This post is a such a little masterpiece. So well written and so nicely put! Your community is such an amazing group of people. We feel so honored to be included. Thank you so much!!! And thank you so much for your kind words about me, Stefano, our blogs and what we are trying to do.
    We’ll miss you in Philadelphia! Maybe next time?
    Have a lovely weekend!
    Francesca Xx

    1. Definitely next time, dear Francesca.
      If I believed in “previous lives” I would be convinced that you and I were sisters and best friends in one of them. I can hardly wait to meet you to in a reality place (New York, Connecticut, Rhode Island, or perhaps Italy!—it’s sure to happen… I commanded Oliver to take pictures of your meeting so I can SEE you!)

      1. Nooooooo! Although Stefano is a great photographer, I never let him take a picture of me! I’m not photogenic at all! 😉
        Yes, I believe we were and are meant to meet and I’m sure it will happen very soon.

        1. I’m camera-shy, too, so I totally understand. But surely you wouldn’t mind if Oliver took a picture of your hands, or one hand, or your shoe… just some little marker of your actual presence at the meeting? It’s the poet in me–always looking for something concrete and specific to identify that a person does exist… and is not just a mere daydream that I’ve wishfully imagined.

          1. Fine! How can I possibly say no to a true artist? 😉 🙂 🙂 But I warn you: there is nothing dreamy about me. Quite the opposite!!! I warned Oliver too. 🙂

          2. Wait, what??? But all I do is dream about you, Francesca! Don’t take that last piece of happiness in my life away…:D
            I’ll see if I can catch a glimpse of her left pinky finger on film for you, Tracy…

          3. Oliver!!! Seriously? You really need to get out more, my friend, and maybe have a glass of wine every once in a while 😉
            I’m thinking to wear a burqa …
            P.S. I see your point and I respect your opinion but I love my anonimity … it’s my Linus’ security blanket. 🙂

          4. Oh, I did not mean to say your stance on photos was not “good” or anything, I totally respect that decision. I was just musing about how Tracy and I like these glimpses of life…:)
            And yeah, I guess I will have to drink more wine…thanks for encouraging me.

          5. It’s funny how we are similar like that, Tracy. It’s one of the reasons I have my photo gallery up in the About section of my blog. I want to see whom I am dealing with, so it’s natural, to me, to also share photos of what I look like…something concrete in this virtual space.

          6. I totally understand Francesca’s stance. I didn’t allow my photo to be taken or publicized until my children were well into adulthood. I was uncomfortable with my picture being public for my own reasons, but the fact that it might affect my children, was even stronger.
            But by now in life, so much crazy stuff has happened to me, and I’ve dealt (pretty well, I think) with it all, so I figure, why not shout like a four-year-old at the top of my lungs, “Hey–everybody look at me!”

  8. The soups look wonderful. I make a soup recipe most week-ends during the cooler months of the year. I know that I’ll come back to this page from time to time to try some of these soups. I am honored that you thought it was worthy to include the old fashioned celery chowder in this post.

  9. Thanks for directing me to Francesca from Flora’s Table. Her Pumpkin soup is tempting, but I’m still trying to re-create one I had years ago that included dairy in the recipe. 🙂 The other recipes here look amazing as well. Does anyone have a chilled yogurt soup recipe? We had that at a restaurant (Paymon’s Mediterranean Café) in Las Vegas, Nevada. Wonderful.

    1. Judy–you forgot to leave a link to your blog. http://earth-rider.com/
      I’ve been hanging out at Judy’s place to travel down the corridors of her (fascinating!) mind: through travel, family and life stories. I’m especially intrigued by her most recent post about the role that Fort Ontario in Oswego NY played in sheltering European (mostly Jewish) refugees during WWII.
      Judy–does this sound anything like your chilled yogurt soup? http://www.foodandwine.com/recipes/chilled-persian-yogurt-soup

    1. My pleasure — I was thinking I had already told you about Peri. I always think of you when I read her blog!
      I just recently found Dwight. Always interesting–every week he posts about food politics…

  10. Tracy, I am still new to blogging. I found your link on my Mom’s blog (earth-rider.com). My blog is called My So Called Life Journey and you can find it at http://mysocalledlifejourney.wordpress.com I blog from Florida and mostly try to tell stories about the things that happen in my life.
    The soup recipes look really tasty, I may have to have my hubby make them for me. I hope you enjoy my blog.

    1. It’s wonderful to met you, Jenn. I always feel a deeper connection when I meet my friends’ families. Thank you so much for popping in and introducing yourself. I’m headed over to your place, right now.

  11. Tracy, what a wonderfully warming, welcoming and thoroughly delightful post. I love your spirit of community and the the way you bring us together to meet one another. What a lovely idea. Also, I adore soup so not only is this a marvellous way to introduce other bloggers but an absolutely delicious way to do so!
    I love that even though I turned up at your party late (not until Monday morning!) and I am far from dressed for the occasion, I am still welcomed with open arms and can mingle with everyone no matter what time of day (or night!). It is so lovely to be a part of this communtiy, thanks so much Tracy 🙂

    1. I’m so pleased you stopped by, Sherri.
      Friends, let me introduce you to Sherri who blogs at “A view from my Summerhouse” http://sherrimatthewsblog.com/
      Her quote from Emerson accurately represents the spirit of her blog-place in my opinion, “Though we travel the world over to find the beautiful, we must carry it with us or we find it not.”
      P.S. — I voted for you, Sherri! 🙂

  12. I’d say this is a community…and what better way to come together than over a happy soulful bowlful of soup:) great bringing together of amazing fall recipes, I’m waiting to discover each of these interesting recipes, sites and bloggers who make it all happen! And thanks, Tracy, for your kind words and making my humble wholesome kadhi soup a part of this esteemed list, it’s perfect for this time of year:)

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