6 reasons why Crusty's makes the best pizza in Warwick, Rhode Island

Window, Crusty's Pizza in Warwick.
Window, Crusty’s Pizza in Warwick.

Crusty’s at 1331 Warwick Avenue in Warwick, Rhode Island gets my vote for the best pizza in town. And the most fastidious and difficult-to-please pizza critic in the world, my chef-husband, votes it #1, too. But there are six more reasons, in addition to “because-we-say-so,” that Crusty’s is best:

1) The crust is home made and perfect.

Lakis the crust man, making your pizza.
Lakis the crust man, making your pizza.

Owner Lakis spent years perfecting his crust recipe and he has been making it that way (perfectly) for decades. He’s the crust man. He’s the pizza man! And he’s not an absentee owner–he’s usually there, personally making your pizza.

2) The price.

Time-warp? No, these are today's Pizza Prices at Crusty's.
Time-warp? No, these are today’s Pizza Prices at Crusty’s.

Ken and I split a small cheese pizza (8 pieces and we always have leftovers), plus an enormous fresh Greek salad, plus a bottle of coke  for $13 and change, after tax. Incredible.

3) The quality.

How much is that basil in the window? Sorry, the song was floating out there, and I just had to grab it.
How much is that basil in the window?

When a pizza place grows their own basil in the window, you know they care about fresh ingredients.

4) The cheese.


Real. Plentiful, stretchy cheese.

5) The professionals.

Grown ups work here.
Grown-ups work here.

These are not kids screwing around until they have enough experience and wisdom to get a real job. These are dedicated bakers and pizza pie makers, and food is what they do in actual life. for a grown-up living. And they do it extremely well.

6) The police.

Almost every time I stop in, there's a police officer eating at the counter.
Almost every time I stop in, there’s a police officer eating at the counter.

I eat where local law enforcers eat not only because it’s safe, but also because they know where to find great, locally made, reasonably-priced food.**
Sorry, Crusty’s doesn’t offer delivery. They don’t have to because everyone is willing to drive for food from Crusty’s. Check out their menu of pizzas & Calzones, grinders (that’s RI-speak for subs), and salads.
Have you ever (at home or while traveling) scoped out where the cops eat?
**this is the opinion of Tracy Lee Karner and does not represent or imply any endorsement by the Warwick Police Force. 

9 thoughts on “6 reasons why Crusty's makes the best pizza in Warwick, Rhode Island”

  1. Gorgeous! We have a pizza man in our local village with a wood oven van. We are so lucky lucky lucky. There is something special about a proper pizza with fresh salad leaves and am pleased that you have a place that knows how to make one.

    1. There are only 2 people in the whole world that I’ve ever met who didn’t like pizza. My grandparents. They ate it once, in the early 1950’s, and refused ever after to take a bite of what they were sure was some kind of poison. (I’m thinking they must have gotten one of those old-fashioned 1950’s pizzas with anchovies on it…) I mean, who doesn’t love pizza?

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