5 Good Reasons to hang out with Bobby Flay

Bobby Flay
Bobby Flay

To say that celebrities don’t impress me would be untrue, because when I’m-in-the-same-room-with-Martha-Stewart (yep, happened to me, Black Pearl, Newport, RI) a giddy out-of-body feeling comes over me. I’m in the vicinity of a star!
I suddenly feel special, as if I’ve been graced by a blessing, when someone points out, “Look-look! Practically right next to you, behind that body guard at your elbow, it’s Priscilla Presley!” Uh-huh, it happened at the New Hampshire League of Craftsmen’s Fair,  Sunapee Mountain.
When I almost touch a celebrity, I’m impressed, as if something important happened to me. I don’t know why I’m effected this way. Celebrities are just people. And too often, they’re not even the kind of people I like.
I can hardly imagine inviting a celebrity into my sanctuary-home. Home is where I go to get away from self-serving, social-climbing-name-dropping competitive kinds of people and their popularity contests. Home is where I go to be with the people I really like. Celebrity-status is everything I go home to hide from.
Bobby Flay is the exception. Bobby Flay, I’d invite in.
I can’t say I like him, because how could I? I don’t know him–at all. All I know is his media image.
But I really, really hope that Bobby-Flay-the-media-image is the same as the Bobby Flay-the-actual-person. Because I’m totally impressed. And either he’s actually that way or he’s the world’s best faker and I’m no judge of character (but I think I’m a pretty good judge of character).
And I say either he’s a real Mensch, or  else he’s a very convincing poseur. In any case, I’d  open the door and let him in, if he knocked.
It could happen, right? Bobby Flay often shows up and surprises people. And I’m pretty sure that everyone who watches Throwdown, watches it for the same reason I do. I want to hang out in the kitchen with Bobby Flay.
I’d invite Bobby Flay in to sit at my table, and even to meet the whole extended family. We would all play Euchre or that confusing but fun Marbles/Card game my aunt always drags out when we all get together.
Here are the reasons Bobby could come to my house:

  1. Bobby is confident (in a totally unobnoxious way) because he knows what he’s doing. There’s no arguing with the fact that he makes good food. I like people, who are good at what they do without being arrogant, whether they’re cooks, firefighters, poets, scientists, diplomats or pig farmers.
  2. Bobby is a gracious winner. I detest gloaters. Even more, I detest people who put down the people they just defeated.
  3. He’s also a gracious loser, and that’s even more impressive than being a gracious winner. He doesn’t pout. He doesn’t call the judges biased. He never whines about the contest being rigged.
  4. Bobby seriously enjoys cooking, which probably has a lot to do with why he’s good at it. I really like people who love what they’re doing. And I absolutely love people who love to cook. (Can somebody please explain to me what’s up with people who hate to cook, yet they love to eat–how does that work?)
  5. Bobby moderates his passion for eating and his food-philosophy is sane (watch this series).  All things in moderation is also my basic and uncomplicated philosophy for living well.

In other words, he’s the kind of guy I’d gladly introduce to my aunt and to my grandchildren, and we’d hang out in the kitchen, talking and eating. What would we cook? If you were hanging out with Bobby Flay and Ken and me, what would you want us to cook up for you? 

8 thoughts on “5 Good Reasons to hang out with Bobby Flay”

  1. I remember Bobby had a TV program showcasing his grilling talents. I don’t know if Ken uses a grill regularly, but maybe Bobby could pair up with Ken — grilling a little shish kabob or shrimp while using Ken’s famous seasoning. Sure sounds like a winning combination!

    1. Ken’s favorite is the grill (or smoker). He has a steak sauce that he adapted from watching Bobby’s show, or reading one of his books, I don’t remember. It has ancho chili’s in it–and is fabulous.
      So when we all get together, it will be kebob & shrimp–with special sauces–and of course, whatever Bobby decides to treat us to. 🙂

  2. I want them to cook me something with Ken’s red curry coconut curry sauce! We used the last of that gift last night and are salivating for more!!

    1. Chicken rubbed with the spice mix, on the Grill, of course, with a side of seasonal vegetables in the coconut-curry sauce.
      Did I tell you Ken has figured out how to make really authentic-tasting Naan in a cast iron skillet. It’s amazing!

  3. I would just watch and enjoy whatever was cooked. It would certainly be a fun time, I’m sure. By the way, nice to discover another New Englander. 🙂

    1. Thanks for stopping by, Karen. Ken and I used to live in New Hampshire–and we, like you, enjoy exploring back roads wherever we go. I’m sure we’d have a tremendously fun time hanging out in the kitchen together. And yes, it is nice to discover another New Englander. I’ve added you to my “reader” so I can keep up with your experiences. And we, too, are people who plan trips around where we’re going to stay and what we’re going to eat.
      Happy exploring. It’s possible we’ll cross paths sometime, since New England is relatively small…

      1. Hi Tracy, It sounds like we have so much in common…I’m looking forward to our blogging friendship. Thank you for adding me to your reader. 🙂

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