Sil Azevedo Photography is Visual Poetry

This is one of my favorites of all the photos I’ve ever seen. I just LOVE this image–a reflection of a theater in water, a squeegee wiping it partially away–but only partially! Our dreams get “squeegeed” somewhat, but not wiped out entirely!

“Dream Wiper” by Sil Azevedo Photography

My mind craves art, music, and literature the way my body wants food–frequently! Sil Azevedo Photography online is one of the places I go when I need photography. Here, I can satisfy my desire for visual poetry. These images heighten my ability to see, enhance my perception of nuances, and make me aware of small things. They enliven my consciousness.

Often I visit this website to peruse “Portraits”
because these are interesting photographs–not snapshots; each portrait tells a story (plus, I’m a sucker for cute kids).
Whenever I’m in a sentimental-romantic mood, I’ll go to their “Weddings” slide-show.

And sometimes, I study the more abstract “Galleries” for for pure art pleasure…

Perusing these Galleries, I consider how the shots are framed, which makes me more conscious of what I’m doing when I use a camera. I don’t aspire to be a pro photographer, but I’d like to take decent pictures, otherwise, why bother? (I learned almost everything I know about taking pictures from Sil–an excellent teacher. And now, he offers photography classes and workshops in Dallas.)

Gold Meadow Park, Minneapolis

“Go” by Tracy Lee Karner,  inspired by Sil Azevedo Photography.


Since I’m always as interested in the artists’ stories as I am in the art; here’s a glimpse at the people who produce this photography:

Sil Azevedo’s motto also could be mine:
“Intensely, fully, authentically–no other way to live life.” He’s the artist behind the photographs. You can read his bio here, and you can see more of his work this week in Houston, TX. Look for Frame Dance Production’s show: Context. It features his photography in a social and interactive music/dance/visual arts gallery, May 11-13.

Adriana (Dri) Korman Azevedo is the studio’s full-time photo editor and designer. She was a dancer and dance instructor in Brazil, but now employs her artistic discipline and grace in giving the studio’s photographs their outstanding aspect. The person behind the scene, to whom the appreciative audience owes tremendous gratitude is often called the artist’s muse. Monet, Picasso, Gustav Mahler, Gustav Klimt, and many other artists had steadfast inspiration and motivation. The muse is usually the less-recognized person in the partnership, but always someone of exceptional artistry and intelligence.

Carolina Azevedo, their daughter, holds a Master’s in Learning and Teaching. After working in corporate management and then teaching at a private academy in Dallas, she is enjoying her life more than ever, as the Studio Manager for Sil Azevedo Photography. These days, she gets to work with her favorite people, use her talent for organization and indulge her passion for art.

Andre Azevedo, their son, is the studio’s second photographer for weddings. Weekdays, he pursues his zeal for health and nutrition as a personal trainer in Dallas. He writes a blog called “Fitness Talk Online” at blogspot.

David Azevedo, their youngest, is also a wedding photographer for the studio, and contributes his tech-savvy skills to their online business and the production of CD/DVD labels.
It’s not unusual for families to join forces in business. Often, the enterprise drains everyone and requires the sacrifice of their individual dreams. People often set aside their particular talents for the sake of a job which simply has to be done.
The Azevedo family hasn’t let business take priority over life. Instead, they’ve created a business that supports and fosters each family member’s distinct talents, one which allows them all to be who they are:
inspiring people who live life fully and authentically, with grace and passion.
Disclosure: When Ken was in the hospital in 1997 after a major heart surgery and had a ghastly reaction to anesthesia which made me think he was, for sure, dying, Sil and Dri were there when I (this is embarrassing, but true) fainted. I’ll admit, I’m partial to the people who catch me when I fall.
Unless otherwise noted, all photos on this post are by Sil Azevedo Photography. And if my blog makes you realize that you must have them do your wedding or your portrait, please tell them I sent you (no, I don’t get a commission! I just want them to know that I love their work, and I am telling the world!)